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O-Shot in Phoenix, AZThe female sexual reproductive system has baffled scientists throughout history. Fortunately, new research has revealed information we never knew about orgasms and reproductive health. For women who suffer from sexual dysfunction, an orgasm is completely out of reach. New procedures such as vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal tightening can reverse these issues, however.

In fact, one new procedure, PRP injections for vaginal rejuvenation, is reversing the trend of sexual dysfunction for women.

What are PRP Injections for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

PRP Injections for Vaginal Rejuvenation are used to rejuvenate the vagina and help with stress, incontinence and sexual dysfunction. The procedure utilizes PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to regrow healthier tissue in the vagina. First, your blood is drawn from your arm and then put through an FDA-approved centrifuge machine to isolate the PRP. Growth factors from the platelets are injected into the vagina to provide increased lubrication, vaginal tightening, enhanced orgasm, and less urinary stress incontinence.

Who is it Right for?

After the age of 35, many women experience a decrease in lubrication of the vagina. Hormonal changes from menopause and cancer treatment can lead to vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex. Other women suffer from issues like female arousal disorder, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, and female orgasmic disorder. All of these patients may see improvement from PRP injections for vaginal rejuvenation.

What to Expect

Our Board-Certified Gynecologist Dr. Ladan Naraqi will consult with you to pinpoint the source of your discomfort. As with any procedure, there are risks associated with PRP injections for vaginal rejuvenation. In some cases, they simply don’t work, or a second treatment may be advised. However, the majority of women who receive this treatment experience significant results.

If you’re ready to enjoy an orgasm like you’ve never had before or you suffer from vaginal dysfunction, then consider getting PRP injections for vaginal rejuvenation at Arizona Facial Plastics.