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Our cosmetic lip augmentation treatments at Arizona Facial Plastics can help you achieve smoother, fuller and more natural looking lips.

What Are Lip Injections?

Are your lips unevenly shaped or too thin? Do you want fuller, natural looking and beautiful lips? Has the natural aging process caused you to lose lip volume and definition?

Lip Fillers
Now you can have full, soft, kissable lips without surgery. Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, offers lip injections for men and women who live in or near Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or the surrounding communities of Arizona. To learn more about this innovative technique for lip enhancement, contact us to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Taghizadeh.

Why Choose Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers


Dr. T will carefully and meticulously sculpt your lips to correct any asymmetry, soften lines and reduce wrinkles.

Lip Fillers


Your lips will look fuller, and the skin on and around your lips will look younger and softer.

Lip Fillers


Advancements in dermal fillers bring new options to adults who want fuller lips without surgery or implants.

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Lip Fillers
Lip Fillers
Lip Fillers
Lip Fillers


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lip Injections?

Dermal Fillers have been used for decades to enhance lip volume. There is a wide variety of filler options, from those that provide extra volume, to some that give more structure and definition. The filler is gently injected to increase symmetry and achieve a more desirable look.

What types of Lip Fillers do you use?

There are several different options when it comes to filler. We carry a full line of fillers, including Kysse®, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC®, Voluma®, Restalyne Refyne®, and RHA®.

In addition to collagen, young skin also relies on hyaluronic acid to maintain a smooth appearance. These fillers contain hyaluronic acid that attracts and binds with water molecules to add volume to the skin.

What Will Lip Injections Do for My Lips?

Immediately after your lip injections you will see noticeably fuller lips that are more even and symmetrical. They will be slightly swollen for the first seven days, and some bruising is possible.

How long is the recovery period?

Your lips will feel tender and be slightly swollen. You should wait for 24 to 72 hours before evaluating the results of your lip injections because the size will be exaggerated by the swelling. Dr. Taghizadeh may recommend gently applying ice packs and over non-prescription pain medication to help with any discomfort.

How Much Difference Will I See with Lip Injections?

One of the greatest benefits of lip injections, when compared to lip implants, is that our injectors have precise control over how much dermal filler product is used. We can carefully and meticulously sculpt your lips to add fullness, correct any asymmetry and soften lines and wrinkles. With this technique, we can even provide treatments over a period of time to allow you to feel comfortable at one level of enhancement before adding more dermal filler.

How Much Do Lip Injections Cost?

Lip injections using dermal fillers are not covered by medical insurance so you will be responsible for the total cost. The average cost of lip enhancement is $550 - $650 depending on the results you desire. We accept payment by cash, check, and major credit card. You may also wish to apply for financing through Prosper® Healthcare Lending and CareCredit®.


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