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Cheek Augmentation in Phoenix, AZ

Cheek Augmentation in Phoenix, AZ

People with sunken or hollow cheeks may have low self-esteem and confidence about their appearance. Luckily for residents who live in and around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding communities of Arizona, they can opt for a cheek augmentation from board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh at Arizona Facial Plastics, PC.

What is a Cheek Augmentation​?

If your cheeks have a hollow, gaunt look that completely changes the appearance of your face, cheek augmentation may be an option for you. Also known as cheek augmentation, this procedure that can enhance the shape and size of your cheeks to better compliment your face.

How Much Do Cheek Augmentation Cost in Phoenix?

Most insurance companies consider plastic surgery to be an elective procedure and do not offer coverage for these procedures; a cheek augmentation treatment is usually excluded from policies. In order to make cheek augmentation procedures and other plastic surgeries financially accessible and affordable, Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, accepts cash, check and credit cards. In addition, financing is offered through CareCredit®. If you have any questions about the cheek augmentation procedure, recovery, costs or financing options at Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, please give us a call.

Cheek Implants in Phoenix, AZ

Benefits of Cheek Augmentation


The primary benefit of cheek augmentation is the reduction or elimination of sunken, hollow cheeks for an overall rejuvenated appearance. Patients also report additional benefits, including the following:

  • Eliminates and smooths out fine lines and facial wrinkles
  • Increases the symmetry of the face
  • Includes minimal risks, contrary to more invasive procedures

What Is the Procedure for Cheek Augmentation?

In your first consultations with Dr. Taghizadeh, he’ll take pictures of your face and show you how a cheek augmentation can improve your appearance and bring a more youthful look to your facial structure. Dr. Taghizadeh will determine the ideal size, shape, and positioning of the implant material. Depending on your bone structure and goals for plastic surgery, he can place the implants higher up on your face, towards your nose or near your chin.

Cheek implant surgery begins as Dr. Taghizadeh administers an injection that allows you to sleep and remain immobile during the procedure. He will then make a small incision large enough to accommodate the implant on one side of your face. The doctor will smoothly slide the implant through the tiny incision and adjust the placement of the implant as necessary. Dr. Taghizadeh repeats the process on the other side of your face with a second implant, checking to ensure that the positioning is even and symmetrical. Finally, he will place a small series of unnoticeable stitches along each incision.

Real Patient Testimonials

Having had several treatments at Arizona Facial Plastics, I highly recommend them for all your cosmetic needs! After a thorough assessment of my skin to gauge sun damage, bacteria, winkles and my true age (which alone was fascinating!), they recommended a perfect regime of facials, lasers and Botox/fillers to not only take away years of damage but also left me with an amazing glow and much more youthful skin! Having worked with several members of their staff, including Dr. Taghizadeh, Sierra, Anthoinette, Maureen and Tammy, I can attest that everyone was incredibly knowledgeable and will put you right at ease with whatever services you get. They also have great products and highly recommend their cleanser and spf to maintain all your great results!

- Fierce529026

Cheek Augmentation Recovery

You may notice a small amount of swelling and some minor bruising during the first few days. Dr. Taghizadeh recommends that you eat clear and light foods and drink plenty of fluids during your recovery at home. It’s important that you avoid getting sutures wet, which means taking baths or extra precautions to cover your face when showering until the incisions heal.

It’s natural to experience some discomfort after surgery for cheek augmentation. However, if the discomfort becomes worse or lingers for an extensive period of time, you need to get in touch with our office.

Are Cheek Implants Right for Me?

Cheek implants may be a smart option for anyone who would like to improve a dull, sunken appearance due to hollow cheek structure. The surgery is ideal for candidates who have ill-defined cheeks and those with a lack of fat in the face. The results may not be instantaneous, but you will notice a tremendous transformation once the minor swelling subsides, the incisions heal and the implants settle. If you experience any problems, Dr. Taghizadeh is always available by phone to address your concerns. Most patients report few or minimal side effects, but it’s normal to experience some swelling and slight discomfort for a few days after the cheek implant procedure.

What Is The Difference Between Malar Augmentation And Submalar Augmentation?

Malar augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that enhances the looks of the cheekbones by filling in hollow spots with implant material. Submalar augmentation fills in the areas adjacent to the most prominent portion of the cheek, in an area where patients may develop hollowing due to age and other conditions.

Are There Any Adjustments I Need To Make To My Lifestyle After Cheek Augmentation?

Dr. Taghizadeh will provide specific instructions following your cheek implant surgery, and it’s critical that you understand and follow them carefully. You may have to go without makeup during the recovery process to prevent infections and other complications. For two weeks after the procedure, you should eat soft food and limit your activities while your cheeks heal.

Board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh helps residents who live in and around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding communities of Arizona develop confidence by discovering their best self. If you are unhappy with your facial structure, contact Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, to schedule a cheek implant (cheek augmentation) consultation.