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Laser Hair Removal in Phoenix, AZ

Laser Hair Removal in Phoenix, AZ

Most of the improvements in cosmetics are evolutionary but the new Soprano laser hair removal laser is revolutionary. Its unique features make it the best option available today for hair removal. We offer it exclusively at Arizona Facial Plastics. The Soprano ™ Laser is the intelligent choice for fast laser hair removal. A dedicated solution for high-volume hair removal, the Soprano laser uses optimized technology to provide fast, uniform, hair reduction for the widest range of skin and hair types – without sacrificing comfort.
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Cooler Treatment

The new ICE applicator further cools the skin by integrating numerous cooling mechanisms

Lighter Applicator

With one of the lightest applicators available today, laser hair removal now the most comfortable possible system.

Virtually Painless Hair Removal Lasers

Remember no-pain, no-gain? It doesn’t have to apply to laser hair removal. Arizona Facial Plastics’s Soprano laser hair removal offers the right benefits that culminate in a treatment that minimizes the chances of negative side effects and maximizes patient comfort.

  • SHR has over six years of clinically proven effectiveness
  • FDA cleared for all skin types (Fitz I – VI) and tanned skin
  • Safe to treat patients all year round
  • Intuitive and user friendly 12″ color touch screen
  • Pre set parameters for fast treatment times
  • Gold standard 810 nm laser diode

What is Alma’s “IN-Motion?”

N-Motion Technology represents a breakthrough in patient comfort, speed of procedures and repeatable clinical results. Alma Lasers’ IN-Motion technology combines concurrent cooling with a gradual thermal rise to the target’s therapeutic temperature, without the risk of injury and with much less pain for the patient. This is in contrast to the high peak energies used in traditional photoepilation technology that require high cooling before, during and after each pulse, and require that the handpiece remain stationary during the energy delivery. The sweeping technique of IN-Motion™ technology enables continuous administration in a larger treatment area for increased comfort and fewer missed spots.

What does this mean for you?

This device is truly in a league of its own when it comes to speed. No one will appreciate this more than someone that’s spend hours getting their laser hair removal done before. With the Soprano, legs can be done in 20 minutes or less. Backs in five minutes or less. It’s also just as fast and comfortable for many other body parts including face, underarms, bikini area, arms and chest.

More about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a treatment that will provide a lasting solution for unwanted hair. The device uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to target the hair follicles. This light is attracted to the melanin (color) and to the blood vessels of the hair follicles.

Why can’t I just have one treatment?

Some people can just have one treatment and get perfect results but this extremely uncommon, in our experience. Hair grows in three phases: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. The Anagen phase is the hair you see, when the hair follicle is active and growing. In this stage, the hair follicle can be found by the laser, and destroyed. When the hair is in the Telogen, or resting phase, it can’t be treated with lasers.

For optimal results, laser hair removal treatments are recommended at four week intervals. Depending on the outcome, skin type, hair color, hair thickness, follicle density, genetics, sun exposure, and your own expectations, five treatments are recommended. After you’ve reached your goal, ongoing maintenance can be done as needed. Our licensed paramedical aestheticians here at Arizona Facial Plastics will provide you with detailed information to best suite your needs.

What areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

Almost any area can be treated. The most popular areas are:

  • Limbs (Underarms, arms, legs, hands, feet)
  • Face (Cheeks, beard, nose, eyebrows)
  • Neck (back of neck around hairline, front)
  • Body (Bikini, Chest, back, abdomen, shoulders)
  • Many other areas, just ask!

What can I expect during laser hair removal?

When you come in, you must have the area that we are going to treat shaved beforehand. Once the skin is cleansed, a light layer of gel is applied. The gel will be cool, and will allow the handpiece to glide across the skin. Laser goggles will be worn to block the light. The handpiece will slowly heat up the skin, while targeting the pigment and the blood vessels in the hair follicle, and destroying it. Our machine is the latest technology in laser hair removal. It has internal cooling that keeps the skin from overheating (can causing more pain) than older machines. The first treatment is the most uncomfortable and subsequent treatments are significantly more tolerable. This is because with each new treatment, you have less hair to react with the laser! In fact, many of our patients fall asleep during their treatment.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Following the treatment, the skin could be slightly red similar to razor burn. Some of your sun spots or freckles may get darker and then lighten. It is possible that there will be hair lying on the surface of the skin. It is acceptable to continue to shave the area but do not wax or tan until you are done with your series of hair removal treatments. After a few weeks, you will notice that the area has less hair, and you might be shaving less often.

More Information

We have specials on laser hair removal from time to time. The winter months are an ideal time for laser hair removal because the laser attacks pigment in the hair and skin. Most people notice a difference in their hair growth after the first treatment. Most patients never completely eradicate all hair but rather eliminate the vast majority of it making shaving easier and less frequent. Call us at 480-296-0488 or visit us online at for more information on laser hair removal in Arizonabest laser hair removal prices in Arizona, laser hair removal in Scottsdale, laser hair removal in Paradise Valley, laser hair removal in Phoenix, laser hair removal in Cave Creek, laser hair removal in Carefree.

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