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Sculptra® in Phoenix, AZ

Sculptra® in Phoenix, AZ

FDA-approved Sculptra® is a polylactic acid injectable dermal filler, designed to help you sculpt the appearance you want for a smoother and more youthful look. For those patients who live in and around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding communities of Arizona, at Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, our board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh, can help you attain your goals for a long-lasting youthful appearance with Sculptra®!
Sculptra® in Phoenix, AZ

What is Sculptra®?

The signs of aging can overtake you and undermine your self-assurance, diminishing your quality of life. When perfection in your appearance really matters, then you should count on Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh for a whole new and a fully reinvigorated appearance. Don't let the telltale troubles of the aging process hold you back from living your life boldly and proudly. The advanced dermal filler Sculptra® lets you erase facial blemishes, lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume for up to two years at a time. Don’t you deserve the best out of life?
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How Much Does Sculptra® Cost?

The price of your Sculptra® procedure will vary considerably depending on your unique treatment needs as well as other related factors. After you meet with Dr. Taghizadeh, we will identify exactly what your treatment will cost, at which time we will give you an all-inclusive quote. We offer several payment options, including cash, check, major credit card and financing through CareCredit®.

Why Choose Sculptra®?

It just so happens that as we age, our bodies have a tendency to produce far less collagen, and this, in turn, can lead to a real loss of volume in your skin. With less collagen to provide your skin with vital structure, your youthful skin elasticity can begin to wax and wane as well. But Sculptra®, which is an FDA-approved dermal filler capable of stimulating neocollagenesis, or new collagen production, can hydrate your skin and add volume to help you restore needed tone and texture for your skin.

Who is a Candidate for Sculptra®?

For long-lasting results that look great, more and more patients are picking Sculptra®, which lasts much longer than the typical six-month duration of most injectables. Sculptra® injections have been clinically proven to last for up to two years at a time. One of the truly worrisome signs of aging is the diminished volume that can occur in your cheeks, brought about by a drop in your collagen production levels. Fine lines and wrinkles, along with an appearance of concavity where previously there was ample volume, all can combine to make you an ideal candidate for smoothness restoring Sculptra®.

Real Patient Testimonials

I have nothing but tremendous things to say about the experience we had with Dr. Taghizadeh and his staff -- Lindsey the office manager, Maureen the technical consultant, Antoinette, Sierra, and Tammy as the aestheticians, and of course Dr. Taghizadeh overseeing everything. The high level imaging that Arizona Facial Plastics utilizes to provide a comprehensive overview of what's going on and what treatments can work the best is a level I have not encountered before at other facilties. And then, the treatments went exactly as Dr. T stated -- both in terms of what to expect during the treatment and afterwards, as well as the desired effect. I cannot recommend everyone there enough! Our entire entourage were from out of town, and we will be going back several times in 2023!

- Michaelnliang

What is the Procedure for Sculptra®?

Your comfort is our top priority, and In order to best avoid any discomfort, we will first apply a topical anesthetic or numbing agent to your treatment site. Once the area to be treated is sufficiently numb, we will skillfully inject targeted doses of Sculptra® just under wrinkles, folds, and volume deficiencies in your skin. While other dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA) that physically adds volume to your skin, Sculptra® will make your skin denser, and more robust, so that your skin produces its own collagen, stimulating your body's own protein production levels, letting you enjoy results that last much longer.

How Should I Prepare for Sculptra®?

Preparing for Sculptra® couldn't be any easier, as virtually no preparation is necessary. Please be sure to advise the nurse injector of any medications, supplements, previous injections or other medical conditions that could impact your treatment. It recommended that prior to your treatment that you avoid alcohol consumption and any anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

If you reside in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or the surrounding communities of Arizona, and are interested in safely eliminating wrinkles while restoring a full, youthful appearance to your face, contact Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh today. Sculptra® injections, administered by Dr. Taghizadeh of Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, may be the ideal treatment for you.