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Rhinoplasty in Phoenix, AZ

Rhinoplasty in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, led by board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh, offers rhinoplasty for men and women who live in and around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding communities of Arizona. Rhinoplasty creates better harmony among facial features and can be performed for functional purposes, such as to correct a deviated septum. The surgery also addresses cosmetic issues including a bump on the bridge of the nose, broad nostrils, a bulbous tip or a “hooked” appearance.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Surgery performed on the nose, rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. With rhinoplasty, it is possible to balance the overall size of the nose, remove a bump, alter the tip of the nose or bridge, decrease nostrils or change the angle between the nose and upper lip. These changes can enhance the aesthetics of facial features.

When Is The Best Time For Rhinoplasty?

Many patients opt for summer to undergo nose surgery for a number of reasons. Younger patients are out of school, allowing for elective procedures and recovery. Plus, nasal trauma requiring correction occurs more often in people who are involved with outdoor activities. Rhinoplasty can also improve your breathing and your appearance whether the intent is reconstructive or cosmetic.

Rhinoplasty in Phoenix, AZ

Rhinoplasty Candidates

Cosmetic rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose to balance other features of the face. The procedure may make the nose larger or smaller, flatten out a nasal hump, diminish the size of the tip or adjust the size and shape of the nostrils. The specifics of the procedure depend on your anatomy and goals, as well as your physician’s evaluation. Prospective patients should wait until they are fully grown to have surgery, which typically is around 17 years of age for females and 18 for males.

Repair of nasal trauma can involve correction of issues caused to the nose due to trauma, as well as straighten bone and cartilage to improve breathing. Often, the same techniques used in cosmetic nasal surgery carry over for correction of nasal and septal fractures.

Finally, rhinoplasty can be done to correct breathing. The surgery may simply straighten the septum, which is the wall inside the nose separating the two nostrils. Alternatively, it may build up nasal structures to better support the nose, which improves breathing much like an internal Breathe Right strip. With nasal trauma and correction of breathing rhinoplasty, insurance may cover functional nasal surgery.

Before and After Pictures

Rhinoplasty in Phoenix, AZ
Rhinoplasty in Phoenix, AZ

What to Expect During Rhinoplasty

The specifics of your rhinoplasty procedure will vary according to your circumstances and Dr. Taghizadeh’s expertise, but there are two primary types of this surgery:

  • Closed Rhinoplasty: There are no external incisions, so the patient will not experience any visible scarring. Instead, the procedure begins with an internal incision just inside the nostril.
  • Open Rhinoplasty: Dr. Taghizadeh may determine that an open procedure is best for you, in which case there will be a very small incision on the exterior of the nose.

The next step in rhinoplasty will depend upon the desired goals of the surgery, which you’ll discuss with Dr. Taghizadeh during a consultation prior to the procedure. During the first visit, he will inform you of the type of procedure that will achieve optimum results. Options for the goals of surgery include:

  • Whether you’d like to increase or decrease the size of the nose or individual nostrils
  • Adjusting the shape of the nose tip or bridge
  • Changing the angle between your nose and upper lip

In most cases, cartilage or bone will be trimmed or shaved from the nose area in order to reach the intended cosmetic results.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

After the surgery and for a period of 48 hours, you may experience certain side effects, including slight bleeding, bruising, discomfort, headaches, and swelling. Dr. Taghizadeh advises all rhinoplasty patients to keep their heads elevated and get as much rest as possible. One week post-procedure, you will attend a follow-up visit with the doctor. If any packing was inserted during the operation, this material would be removed.

Between one and two weeks after the procedure, you will notice considerably less discomfort and can return to your normal activities. Still, your nose tissues need time to fully heal, which may take as long as one year.

Real Patient Testimonials

Doctor T and each team member at Arizona Facial Plastics were phenomenal. I had a rhinoplasty as a result of a car accident. Throughout the process, the team was encouraging, communicative, and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable throughout the process. And even better, my nose looks amazing! It fits my face perfectly and my confidence has grown as a result. I’m so grateful for the care I received and I highly recommend them.
- Kasskrause

Benefits of a Medical Spa

At Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, our medical spa services help with:

  • Anti-aging, such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Acne, uneven pigmentation, and other flaws
  • Vascular and pigmented lesions
  • Acne scars
As a board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in facial cosmetic procedures, Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh provides his patients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding communities of Arizona with exceptional skills and results that last. For more information on rhinoplasty or to schedule a private consultation, please contact us today.