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Scar Revision in Phoenix, AZ

Scar Revision in Phoenix, AZ

Do you have prominent scarring on your face, upper arms or another area of your body that’s visible to the rest of the world? Unsightly scars can be seriously discouraging and make even a person self-conscious about the way they look. Patients who live in and around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding communities of Arizona can opt for scar revision procedures from board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh at Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, to remove those unwanted scars.

What Is Scar Revision?

Scar revision removes the old scar tissue from your body and aids in growing new tissue in its place. This new growth, in turn, makes scars appear less prominent. There are several possibilities for scar revision treatment. The most common is generally lasers, which can treat a variety of different scars of different types and ages. However, depending on the scars you have, Dr. Taghizadeh may recommend a different treatment that’s better for your particular situation.
Scar Revision in Phoenix, AZ

Real Patient Testimonials

I cannot even begin to describe how fortunate I am for meeting Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh, but I will try. About 4-5 years ago I was recommended by a dermatoligist to receive a series of cortisone shots for a recurring cyst that I had on my face. I was told several times that it would not leave a permanent scar, but unfortunately that was not the case. With follow up visits to the dermatoligist, I was told this sometimes happens with cortisone shots, but not to worry because the scar would fill in with time. That was also not the case with me, as it only continued to get worse as the years went by. It became to the point where I couldn't even look in the mirror anymore because I was so disgusted with the ugly scar that was developing on my face. I was at a low point in my life, and there was no sign of things turning around. I eventually met with nearly every plastic surgeon in my city, each one with a seemingly different approach as to how they would deal with my scar removal. But just talking to the doctors in each of my consultations, I got bad feelings about them, whether it was that I didn't trust them, or didn't like the answers they were giving me. Then I had a consultation with Farhan, and I had a much better feeling about him then any of the 10+ doctors I saw before him. He wasn't just telling me what I wanted to hear, in fact sometimes he would tell me what I didn't want to hear like when he told me he wished I would have came to him years earlier because a scar is more likely to improve the sooner that you act on it. But he was just being straight up with me, and I could tell by talking with him that he was very knowledgable about what was going on with me, and laid out in detail the different courses of actions that we could take to help me. We decided that a series of co2 laser treatments with an injection of prp would be the best course of action. The first treatment was in Dec. 2015, and the fourth and final in April 2016; each 6 weeks apart. I was told I would continue to see improvement 6-9 months after my last treatment, and boy was that 100% correct. It's now October 2016, and I'm still seeing daily/weekly improvments! The scar itself is becoming more and more insignificant as the days go by. I can happily say the unsightly look that my face had with this scar has gone away and I have my old face again! The improvements that I've seen are honestly life changing. The direction that my life and my mind was heading in was not good, and I'm in a completley different place now. And it is serioulsy all thanks to Farhan. If anyone reading this is considering a facial plastic surgeon, do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with him. I hope that he can help you out as much as he did with me.
- Archimedes87
If you want to get rid of your unsightly scars but have been thus far unable to, then you might consider seeking professional help. If you live in the Arizona area, then board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh may be able to provide you with the solution you need. Contact us today at Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, to schedule your consultation!