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Dysport in Phoenix, AZ

Dysport in Phoenix, AZ

The earliest signs of aging develop around your eyes, between your eyebrows and on your forehead. If you have these signs of aging, you will be happy to know that you can look younger without surgery. Board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh, of Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, recommends minimally-invasive Dysport® treatments for men and women who live in and around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding communities of Arizona.
Dysport in Phoenix, AZ

What is Dysport®?

Dysport® is an injectable product that helps you look younger by reducing what are known as “dynamic wrinkles” that are caused by the contraction of your facial muscles. The product contains special ingredients that temporarily relax the muscles to allow the lines and wrinkles to soften and become less visible.
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How Much Does Dysport® Cost in Phoenix?

Dysport® is not covered by medical insurance because the treatments are considered elective. Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, offers several payment options, including cash, check, major credit card and financing through CareCredit®.

Benefits of Dysport®

Dr. Taghizadeh recommends Dysport® to men and women because the injections offer the following benefits:

  • Reducing lines and wrinkles without surgery
  • Dysport® can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers
  • Treatment requires no incisions, downtime or recovery
  • Injections take less than one hour
  • Results last up to six months

What Can I Expect from Dysport®?

Relaxing the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles requires multiple injections of Dysport® into the appropriate facial muscles. The product is administered with a very fine needle, so the treatment should be very comfortable. If you do experience any discomfort, Dr. Taghizadeh will apply a topical numbing agent to the skin. After 24 hours, you will see a noticeable improvement in your appearance. The lines and wrinkles that were around your eyes and on your forehead will be significantly softened.

Real Patient Testimonials

LISTEN UP PEOPLE!!! Dr. Taghizadeh is a gifted well as being gentle, kind, and a good listener. I continually praise and compliment Dr. T and his staff of excellent providers...Thank you, Maureen, Tammy, Dr. Ashley, and Lindsey...for making surgery such a positive experience. Do you want to get work on your precious face done?... And after surgery look just like yourself, but younger, better...and have it look seamless? And...have the most positive surgical experience ever? need to call Dr. T's office and book a consult. Honestly!!!! I am one week out from surgery...went back to work, yesterday...I look 40-ish...I feel 30-ish...but am actually 67.

- Vivid231377

How Dysport® Differ from Other Types of Injectable Fillers?

Dysport® works much the same way as Botox®, but Dysport® does have some key differences. First, the results are visible in 24 hours whereas Botox® injections may take up to seven days. Second, the dosing of the two products is different. If you have had Botox® treatments in the past, you will notice that Dr. Taghizadeh uses more Dysport® product when compared to Botox®. Third, the technique used for Dysport™ versus Botox® is slightly different.

Recovery from Dysport®

Like other injectable cosmetic treatments, Dysport® injections can cause very mild tenderness around the injection sites. In most cases, the symptoms last only 24 to 48 hours.

Where Can Dysport® Be Applied?

The FDA has approved Dysport® for treating lines and wrinkles that are caused by muscle contractions in the upper one-third of the face, such as:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Lines between the eyebrows
  • Lines and creases on the forehead

Will Everyone Benefit from Dysport®?

Dysport® has been used on men and women around the world and is proven to be a safe and effective injectable cosmetic treatment. You may not be a candidate for Dysport® if you have a history of allergic reactions to the ingredients in Dysport®. In these cases, Dr. Taghizadeh will recommend other injectable fillers to correct your specific signs of aging.

Do the lines and wrinkles around your eyes, on your forehead and between your eyebrows make you feel older and less attractive? Dysport® injections offer a way to reduce these early signs of aging without surgery. If you live in or near Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or the surrounding communities of Arizona and want to find out if Dysport® is right for you, contact Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Taghizadeh.