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Skin Resurfacing in Phoenix, AZ

Skin Resurfacing in Phoenix, AZ

Looking younger without plastic surgery is a dream that is shared amongst many men and women who live in and around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding communities of Arizona. Now that dream can come true with skin resurfacing at Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, led by our board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh.

What is Skin Resurfacing?

Skin resurfacing is a non-surgical procedure that helps you look younger by removing layers of damaged skin that cause fine lines, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. Dr. Taghizadeh uses the most advanced technologies for his skin resurfacing treatments so that his patients enjoy anti-aging treatments that are FDA-approved, safe and effective.

How Much Does Skin Resurfacing Cost in Phoenix?

Our skin resurfacing treatments are not covered by medical insurance so you will be responsible for the total cost. Our patient coordinator will discuss payment options after your consultation, including cash, check and major credit card. If you are interested in financing your skin resurfacing treatments, we encourage you to apply with CareCredit®.

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Benefits of Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Taghizadeh has selected skin resurfacing treatments that address the most common cosmetic concerns for men and women in the Phoenix area, such as:

  • Dry skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Acne and blemishes
  • Age spots
  • Dark spots and uneven skin color
  • Dull complexion

What Can I Expect from Skin Resurfacing Services?

Each of our skin resurfacing treatments work be removing damaged layers of skin using various technologies. The procedures are very comfortable for our patients and take less than one hour.

Skin Resurfacing Services Offered

Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, offers the following skin resurfacing treatments:

Preparing for Skin Resurfacing

After your consultation with Dr. Taghizadeh, we will schedule a time that is convenient to your schedule for your skin resurfacing treatment. On the day of your appointment, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing makeup and using heavy moisturizers on your skin.

Real Patient Testimonials

Shea was so helpful with lots of details and thorough information, and it really helped me make my decision. Dr. Taghazideh is obviously very experienced and knows faces. I felt very comfortable that my results would be what I was hoping for, and, I was right.

- karensa1

Recovery from Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Depending on the type of skin resurfacing treatment, your skin may appear slightly red and may feel somewhat sensitive. Because layers of damaged skin have been removed to reveal the younger skin, you should wear sunscreen when outdoors. The best option is to avoid sunlight for the first three days after the treatment.

What Will Skin Resurfacing Do for My Face?

Immediately after your skin resurfacing treatment, you will see a noticeable improvement in your skin. Your complexion will be radiant. Blemishes are completely removed, and the fine lines and wrinkles are much less visible.

Will Everyone Benefit from Skin Resurfacing?

Certain medical conditions do preclude a person from receiving skin resurfacing treatments. In these cases, Dr. Taghizadeh recommends other procedures at our medical spa.

Fine lines, wrinkles, acne, dull complexion and other common skin problems can be treated without surgery. Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, offers non-surgical skin resurfacing treatments for men and women who live in or near Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or the surrounding communities of Arizona. To learn more about skin resurfacing and other treatments at our medical spa, contact us today to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Taghizadeh.