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Intimate Lightening in Phoenix & Scottsdale

Along with Brazilian waxing and laser hair removed, vaginal and anal lightening (also known as "bleaching") has become a much more common practice to reverse visible signs of aging and discoloration.  

Intimate Lightening

How does it work?

Intimate Lightening treatments provide gentle brightening and improved pigmentation to our delicate and intimate areas using a laser that targets dark pigment in the skin.  A typical session takes about 40 - 50 minutes and most clients report little discomfort during the procedure.

Is Lightening safe?

The Intimate Lightening treatments (for both men and women) may sound extreme, but is actually a comfortable and safe procedure that has been growing in popularity. The treatments present little to no danger or harm to the intimate areas. Our highly skilled laser aestheticians will customize your treatment for optimal results. We use a progressive approach combined with an at-home product to enhance your results.

Intimate Lightening

Feeling Curious? Here's why clients choose Lightening.

Intimate Lightening

Better Sex Life.

Most clients choose Intimate Lightening because it makes them feel sexier and more confident!

Intimate Lightening

Simple Procedure.

We apply a gentle numbing cream to make sure there is almost no discomfort during your session.

Intimate Lightening

Visible Results.

See better results by following our
concise and focused protocol.

Your Comfort is Our Mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Expect to Happen at My Anal Lightening Appointment?

Intimate lightening (for the vaginal, penile, and anal areas) is a simple procedure that is generally performed in about 60 minutes in our office by our laser-certified aestheticians. After consulting with our laser-certified aesthetician, sometimes a test spot is performed to ensure that the treatment will work as expected. The patient then applies numbing cream to the area being treated to ensure there is no discomfort. Finally, a 1927 wave length laser is used to address and correct the discolored areas.  You use an at-home brightening product to ensure that your results continue between treatments.

When Will I See Results?

Results are typically noticeable after a couple of treatments; however, multiple treatments are necessary in most instances. In addition to the laser treatment, we require an at-home lightening product that can accelerate results when used in conjunction with the laser treatments.

Does it hurt? 

We use a localized numbing cream to make the experience comfortable.  Most clients say that the process was easier than they expected.

Can I have sex afterwards?

Not immediately--we ask that you give the area 24 hours to recover from the treatment.  But then have at it!

What is Recovery Period for Anal Lightening? 

After the treatment, patients may experience warmth in the treated area for a few hours. It is important to take special hygienic care of the area for the first day following treatment, but no further care is required.

How much does Anal Lightening Cost in Phoenix?

We accept payment by cash, check, major credit card and financing through CareCredit®.  We have a complete package of 8 treatments and products to ensure the best and long-term results for all patients.


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