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Is Botox My Only Option for Wrinkles?

Botox is used around the world by millions of men and women to get rid of frown lines and stubborn wrinkles. But is it your own option? In a word, no. However, there is much you should consider before and…

Personalized Medicine in 2018

The world of personalized medicine and skin care is at its height. A new product called “Me Serum” uses your very own platelet-rich plasma to create a truly personalized moisturizer for your skin. The benefits? Well, that’s exactly what we…

When To Think About a Facelift

Facelifts are a common procedure throughout the United States, but how young is too young to have one done? What are the qualifications for getting a neck lift or even a mini lift? To answer these questions, we have to…

Lose the Double Chin Without Surgery!

Do you suffer from a double chin? Have you tried various neck tightening strategies to no avail? Are you interested in chin liposuction? If so, then you might be interested in a specialized treatment called Kybella. Kybella is revolutionizing the…

Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Do you crave healthy skin? Are you passionate about your inner and outer beauty? If so, then you might want to investigate dermaplane treatments. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from your dermaplane treatment and the results…

Guide to Perfect Skin This Holiday Season

The holiday season is full of parties, get-togethers and outings. And despite your best efforts, chances are you’ll indulge in more drinks, sweets, and delicious foods than you wanted.  Not only does this indulgence impact your waistline, it also can…

Vaginal and Anal Lightening

Aging changes our bodies in many different ways. Add to that cosmetic trends like laser hair removal, and we’re starting to see more of ourselves than ever before. As this happens, we’re exposed to how much our bodies may have…

Benefits to Microneedling

Gone are the days when there was no solution for acne scarring. Today, there are countless treatments for acne scars, wrinkles and other skin damage. One ancient treatment that has seen great technological advances is microneedling.  Microneedling is a non-surgical…

5 Surprising Fixes with Injectable Fillers

It used to be that only certain people got Botox.  These days it seems that everyone has tried it, and many people have used fillers as well.  The makers of products like Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Restalyn Lyft and Radiesse keep…

Which Injectable Is Best for Me?

Do you suffer from fine lines and a growing number of wrinkles? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of men and women struggle to stave off the signs of aging—particularly wrinkles. The good news is modern science has provided several…

Reality vs Myths in Facial Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can be a touchy subject. Obsessive reality stars and poorly trained surgeons have sometimes given facial surgery, and the people who get it, a bad reputation. There are countless myths that swirl around the topics of facelifts and…

In Your 30s? Time to Focus on Your Skin

Welcome to your 30s! Now is the best time to focus on the health and longevity of your skin. Gone are the days of leaving makeup on overnight or forgetting to moisturize before bed. While a solid beauty routine will…

Oh My! Get Your O Back with PRP Injections for Vaginal Rejuvenation

The female sexual reproductive system has baffled scientists throughout history. Fortunately, new research has revealed information we never knew about orgasms and reproductive health. For women who suffer from sexual dysfunction, an orgasm is completely out of reach. New procedures…

Top 3 Things to Know Before Laser Resurfacing

Are you suffering from acne scars? Do you want to improve the look and feel of your skin? If so, laser resurfacing can help. Before you book an appointment for treatment learn the top three things you need to know…

Patient Testimonials

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"I saw Camille at Arizona Facial Plastics for a facial and skin care recommendations. I could not have been more…" - Jessica Morris
"Love the skin care products Stacey recommends! She keeps my face smooth and acne free. Highly recommend this talented aesthetician!" - Anthony Onofrio
"I had the best experience with Stacey. She was so nice and courteous and made me feel really comfortable and…" - Alex Popovic
"Absolutely the most professional with the best results! Wonderful value too." - Marsha Petrie Sue
"Wanting to look more awake, but not wanting to have my eyelids cut (and possibly end up looking like someone…" - Susie Wesley
"I had a fantastic vivace microneedling treatment with Stacey last week. I'd recommend anyone who is looking for improved and…" - Jane Christensen
"I suffer from ultra dry skin and age spots. Stacey Bailey gave me several treatments and recommended products to help…" - Joe Gutzwiller
"I love Stacey! Very genuine person, knows what she is talking about and makes sure that I am given the…" - Tiffany Traver
"Stacey did an incredible job with my Vivace treatment. It was painless, she was extremely professional, and the results are…" - Felicia Taghizadeh
"I experienced the Vivace micro needling with RF on my face and neck. I am VERY pleased to note that…" - Lucia Burns
"The staff is extremely nice and the new office is beautiful. I loved my Hydrafacial and the doctor is nice." - Lori Cardenas
"Beautiful office with friendly and helpful staff. Camille was very professional and my skin looks better already!" - Janel Schneider
"Dr T and Camille are great. My skin looks so much better now after the treatments I have done." - Brandie Cochran
"I had such a great experience at this office! It is a gorgeous facility with staff that truly cares about…" - Lauren Hall
"I am extremely honored to give Dr. T (and staff) my 5 star rating. I had to have emergency reconstructive…" - Daniel W.
"I love Dr. T and his staff. They are thorough, honest and knowledgeable. From my first visit, I have always…" - Majdah A.
"Dear Dr. T, My gratitude to you. Your support and explanations for possible facial surgeries were very reassuring. Also, your…" - Diane.
"This has been my most pleasant experience with any doctor ever. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know.…" - Henrietta R.