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Facial Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ

Facial Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ

If you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding communities of Arizona, board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh at Arizona Facial Plastics, PC, can help you decide on the best facial plastic surgery procedure to make you look and feel happy and healthy.
Facial Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ

What Is Facial Surgery?

Facial surgery encompasses a variety of different procedures on either the face or neck, which help to improve the patient’s overall appearance. Cosmetic facial surgery can be performed to eliminate the visible effects of aging, such as sagging skin or bags under the eyes, whereas facial reconstructive surgery is generally performed to restore a person’s appearance after an accident or correct a physical or genetic deformity. Sometimes multiple procedures may need to be performed to achieve optimum results.

How Much Does A Facial Surgery Procedure Cost In Phoenix?

Insurance providers generally classify most facial surgeries as elective, except under special circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean they’re extravagant or unaffordable. Arizona Facial Plastics, PC provides a variety of payment options to accommodate almost any budget. Financing is also available through CareCredit®, and we also accept credit cards, checks, and cash.

Facial Surgery Benefits

  • Create a more youthful appearance
  • Rejuvenation of facial features
  • Tighten skin and muscles that have begun to sag or relax over the years
  • Create a more positive body image for the patient

Who Makes A Good Candidate For Facial Surgery?

Everyone’s reasons for undergoing facial surgery are different. Patients who have facial deformities or other issues that can be corrected surgically make the best candidates. The most important thing to remember when going in for surgery is to maintain a positive attitude and to keep your expectations optimistic but realistic when it comes to the final results.

Is Facial Surgery Covered By Insurance?

Corrective and reconstructive facial surgeries are often covered, either partly or totally, by health insurance, depending on your policy and provider. However, facial cosmetic surgeries usually are not covered. Talk to your healthcare provider before committing to a surgical procedure and find out what your options are.

In the event that your procedure is not covered or is only partially covered by your health insurance, Dr. Taghizadeh can help you figure out financing and payment options. He will provide you with a consultation to evaluate your facial features and help you determine what options are best for you. At that time, he can also talk to you about which payment options work best for your financial situation.

Arizona Facial Plastics, PC is your trusted source for facial surgery, whether it’s to create a new look, correct damage or deformities, or simply to have a younger and more vibrant appearance. Our team of experts has years of training and experience in all different facial procedures for both men and women, under the direction of board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. We proudly serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.