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Facial Plastic Surgery and ENT in Phoenix, AZAging changes our bodies in many different ways. Add to that cosmetic trends like laser hair removal, and we’re starting to see more of ourselves than ever before. As this happens, we’re exposed to how much our bodies may have changed over the years. For example, the vagina and anal areas both change color as we age. The cosmetic industry has come up with a solution: anal lightening and vaginal lightening.

What is Anal Lightening?

Anal lightening is an easy solution for the dark color that occurs over time in that area of the body. Color variations are quite normal for most people as we age or as other environmental issues arise. Anal lightening involves the use of specialized tools to reverse the hands of time to restore your body’s most intimate areas back to the color they once were.

What is Vaginal Bleaching & Lightening?

Vaginal bleaching is a simple solution to a somewhat indirect issue. Whether from skin chafing, childbirth or hormonal changes because of aging, the color of this most intimate area can change with time. Cosmetic solutions like vaginal bleaching restore the color of the vaginal area. In as little as two sessions separated by a month, you can achieve the beautiful look of a naturally colored intimate area.

What to Expect

Both Vaginal and anal lightening is performed in an office setting by highly trained professionals. The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes to complete. Using a state of the art laser, the professional will remove the melanin from your skin so it appears lighter and more youthful looking.

It’s a simple, pain-free experience that gives you back the desired color of your most intimate areas. The shame or embarrassment that comes from a discolored vaginal or anal area can go away with just two to six simple treatments.

To learn more about this procedure and how it can work for you, call our office at 480.296.0488 today! These appointments fill quickly, so don’t wait.