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When you think about facelift surgery, you probably envision a long recovery process. But many patients are surprised by how short the recovery time can actually be. Whether you’re having a mini facelift or a facelift revision, with the advanced healing techniques at Arizona Facial Plastics, your recovery might not be as long as you think.

The Stages of Facelift Recovery

Stage 1: Resting

The 1- to 3-day period after your surgery is a time of rest and recovery. The first 24 hours after your surgery you should have a caretaker with you. Fatigue and nausea might be a part of your routine but are most likely due to your pain medication. We have you come to the office for a 24-hour check up to make sure you are doing well. Our patients report that the most uncomfortable part of this time is the face wrap that must be worn 24 hours a day.

For three to six days after your surgery, you should expect swelling and bruising. This will slowly subside.

On day 7, we bring you to the office for suture removal if everything is healing as expected.

Stage 2: Starting to Recover

From 7 to 14 days after your facelift surgery, you should expect some slight bruising and swelling to remain. You may also notice some odd sensations like tingling, burning or even numbness in the surgical areas as well. It is important to maintain healthy habits, like drinking plenty of water, sleeping with your head elevated, and walking to get some moderate movement.

Stage 3: Getting Back to Yourself

The 15 to 30 days after your surgery you might have some swelling remaining, but it will be very minimal. You’ll be able to participate in most of the normal activities you enjoyed before your surgery, including light exercise. Your incisions might still appear pink or red, but it won’t be noticeable. Continue to wear your wrap at night.

Stage 4: Wrapping Things Up

Some 30 days after your surgery you will feel like your old self again but with a beautifully rejuvenated face. Remember to continue to visit your physician for maintenance treatments to ensure that you get the best possible long-term results.

Advanced Healing with Us

While the outline above is typical for most facelift recovery and revision facelift recovery patients, at Arizona Facial Plastics, we use advanced healing methods that reduce your recovery time. We highly recommend our patients use Platelet Rich Plasma and Amnion to reduce your scars, speed up healing, and improve your results. In most cases, our patients walk out of surgery and get back to their normal life and routines within just 7 to 10 days.

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